Website integration


Enhance your users' experience on your website by seamlessly integrating the Reuzenpanda widget. Whether you're looking to provide quick access to the Reuzenpanda configurator or wish to guide your customers directly to a specific product within the tool, we've got you covered. Currently, we offer two flexible options for opening the Reuzenpanda configurator through buttons or links on your website.

  1. Any Button or Link in Text: Easily integrate Reuzenpanda into your website by attaching the link #reuzenpanda-widget-open to any clickable element, whether it's a button or a link within your text. Simply use the following code example:

    <a href="#reuzenpanda-widget-open">Open Reuzenpanda</a>

    This allows you to trigger the Reuzenpanda widget from any part of your website, providing a flexible and intuitive user experience.

  2. Open a Specific Product in Configurator: Direct your users to a specific product within the Reuzenpanda configurator by utilizing the link #reuzenpanda-widget-open-at-product-{ID}, replacing {ID} with the actual ID of your product. Obtain the product ID from the URL of the product settings and use it in the link as shown below:

    <a href="#reuzenpanda-widget-open-at-product-123">Open Product 123 in Reuzenpanda</a>

    Ensure that the product ID in the link corresponds to the specific product you want users to interact with in the Reuzenpanda configurator. This targeted approach simplifies the navigation for users seeking a particular product customization experience.

Choose between these two options based on your website's layout and user interaction preferences, providing a tailored Reuzenpanda integration with your website.